Time Is Your Friend

Time Header

It has been nearly a year since I last posted. I’ve had plenty to say, plenty to share, just haven’t been in the mood to share it.

I’ve had some thoughts lately that may help you if you’re in a place of a transition. It could be any type or form of transition really. A new job, a relocation, a new direction, anything that has you starting over or starting fresh.

Here is something I’ve been learning about time. Time is not your enemy. Time is your friend. This is a tough one to accept, because lets face it, we want things to hurry along. We feel like we’re running out of time, and it’s either now or never, but time isn’t your enemy, time is your friend. I understand. I get it. It can feel like, while others lives are moving in slow motion, yours is just screaming by, almost out of control. Way too fast.

Think about it. The reason we are even in a transition is because of something difficult. Either a difficult decision has been made, a new direction has been given, a mistake was made, maybe someone did something terrible to you, and the end result is we’ve been knocked off balance in some way.

  • Something we expected didn’t turn out.
  • Someone we loved broke our heart.
  • A dream we held once is now changed.
  • We made a mistake that can’t be undone.
  • God has given us a new direction.
  • God is leading you to a new position or place.

When we RUSH into something, we make mistakes. We need clarity, we need healing, we need peace, we need direction, we need healing or restoration. That takes time. Time is not your enemy, time is your friend AS LONG AS you keep your eyes focused on Jesus. That’s important.

Isaiah 40:31 “They that wait upon the Lord…” if you wait long enough you’ll be able to hear things later that you can’t hear now. You’ll be able to receive things later that you can’t receive now. Time is your friend. God is at work. God is speaking. God is healing. God is moving. Trust His timing. Don’t rush it.