Why I Love Sports

This is a clip I just viewed by the Nebraska Football team during their spring game. It has over 8 million hits and for good reason, what a beautiful display of compassion, love and character.

Man, do I love sports. Even more, I love seeing amazing character.

Here’s a wonderful follow up story to this in the NY Daily News too!


Buried in the Grave

Easter 2013 may be over, but here’s a little secret. Jesus is still alive and the Resurrection matters! Every. Single. Day. Here is one of my favorite Easter songs by All Sons and Daughters.



There was a day we held our breath
And felt the sting of bitter death
When all our hopes were buried in the grave
Our eyes awake our hearts were torn
Between our faith and what we knew
Before our king was buried in the grave

And grace was in the tension
Of everything we’ve lost
Standing empty handed
Shattered by the cross

All we had
All we had
Was a promise like a thread
Holding us keeping us
Oh from fraying at the edge
All we knew
All we knew
Was you said you’d come again
You’d rise up from the dead

There was a day we looked for proof
That you had risen from the tomb
And all our doubts began to roll away
We touched the scars upon your hands
You kept your word
Oh son of man
You buried death by taking on the grave

You came here to save us
Cuz everything was lost
No longer empty handed
Clinging to the cross

All we had
All we had
Was a promise like a thread
Holding us
Keeping us
From fraying at the edge
All we knew
All we knew
Was you said you’d come again
You’d rise up from the dead

It is is won
It is done

All we have
All we have
Is the promise like a thread
Holding us keeping us
Oh from fraying at the edge
All we know
All we know
Is you said you’d come again
You rose up from the dead

Easter Pageant Resurrection BBQ

I can just see how this Easter Pageant brainstorming session played out.

Youth Pastor: You know what our Easter play needs? MORE PYRO!
Everyone else: Um, sure, as long as it’s safe.
Youth Pastor: Trust me, this is going to rule!

Skip to about the 1:20 mark.

Not only did Jesus beat death, hell, the grave, but he also avoided becoming a human BBQ. All in all a win I say. I can’t stop watching this. “The tomb…the tomb…the tomb-is-on-FI-ER…”

Special shout out to cool hand Luke who kept the song going through the blaze. Color me impressed.

My Favorite Friends of Coal Bowl Memory

In honor of the (very likely) last football game that Marshall plays against WVU on Saturday, I want to share my favorite Friends of Coal Bowl Memory.

The year was 2009 and I got a call from my good buddy Javey that he had the ultimate Coal Bowl hookup for us. 2 tickets to the Coal Bowl in Morgantown with all access sideline passes, and to top it off we could get our grub on in the media buffet pre-game. Pretty much the Harpo Hookup for a big college football fan.

So we head up to Morgantown, risking our life by sporting our Marshall green, ready to cheer on the Herd from our VIP sidelines. We get to the stadium, work through the tail-gaiters (getting slightly harassed), make our way up to the media buffet and we get our grub on. By the time we finish eating we have to make our way through the student section in order to walk on the football field. What a well behaved group of sober students…ahem.

So we take our place on the sidelines, convinced that our all access sideline passes really do grant us all access. Instead of hanging out near the end zones with the peeps who don’t have “all access”, we make our way right to the middle of the players box. I really do mean right in the middle, because right there in the middle of the players and coaches stood the two of us. We were high fiving players, slinging atta-boy butt slaps, throwing out helmet pounds, the works. We even grabbed Gatorade from the waterboy. During one running play we actually had to dodge players from running into us on the sidelines. We were living the ultimate fans dream.

WVU’s starting QB was knocked out of the game early and Marshall goes into half time with a 7-3 lead. We are going nuts. The 2nd half starts and our joy was short lived because it doesn’t go well for Marshall at all. WVU begins to take the game over (with current QB, then Freshman Gino Smith). They take a 2 touchdown lead and we start to notice (previous) Coach Mark Snyder getting visibly upset. He’s pacing back and forth, yelling on his head phones. He’s pointing at players, yelling at refs, arguing with coaches and we could tell he knew this game was slipping away. During all of his pacing suddenly Javey and I find ourselves standing directly behind him, just him and us. He stops, turns completely around and stairs right at us, freezing us in our place. This is how it played out.

Coach Snyder: (Pointing at us) “Who are you two?”
Me and Javey: (We look at each other dumbfounded) “Who us?”
Coach Snyder: “Yeah, you two.” (Getting visibly more agitated).
Coach Snyder: “What are you two doing here?”
Me and Javey: (Way too cheery for the moment) “Nothing coach, just cheering on the Herd!”
Coach Snyder: “Well get the “H” out of my players box!” (Pointing towards the end zone and he doesn’t say “h”).
Me and Javey: “You got it coach!”

We point our eyes down avoiding eye contact and quickly bee-line our way towards the now obvious designated area for ALL non-team people to observe the game, trying not to giggle from shear joy. After a few high fives to each other, I immediately call my dad and tell him his football dreams for me finally came true, sort of. I was actually yelled at on a college football field, during an actual game by an actual college coach. He should be proud, kind of. I have to admit, I was pretty proud.

WVU goes on to win 24-7 and we enjoy the rest of the game from our marked designated sidelines along with the rest of the media pass holders and VIP’s. We catch some of the post game interviews and head home to Herd country, but not before grabbing free Chik-fil-a sandwiches on the way out.

Knowing that Coach Snyder directed his built up anger (from his team blowing a lead) right at us felt pretty good. He was still a jerk, but it definitely left us with a great memory that we’ll never forget.

My prediction for the game: WVU 45 – MU 17

Anniversary Follow Up

Yesterday my wife and I shared our 12th wedding anniversary together. After 12 years together I’m still learning new things about my beautiful, funny and super talented wife. For example…she has some MAD poetic skills. Girl can spit out some crazy hot rhymes.

Here’s what she posted on my facebook.

Once upon a time
I fell in love
He was sent
From heaven above
To make me full
Of joy and laughter
He was sure
To be my happy ever after

Hotter than hot
No one can compare
His height and build
And his nice dark hair
He gives me a kiss
And my heart still flutters
I even love when he mutters

He loves me
Even when I’m crazy
PMS-ing and nagging
And sometimes lazy
He shrugs it off
Without a care in the world
And has even held my hair
When I have hurled

He is the best
For this you can see
He must be special
To put up with me
For the past twelve years
He has made me smile
It seems as though
It’s only been a little while

I am so blessed
To call him mine
For I will
Till the end of time:)

Happy 12th Anniversary!

That’s right…hotter than hot. 🙂