The Short Version:

I’m Josh. I’m a Christian, I love Jesus. I’m a husband, I love my wife. I’m a father, I love my kids. I’m a Pastor, I love my church. Go Duke.

The Longer Version:

I’ve been a Christ follower going on 30 years now. I love Jesus and owe everything to Him. So much so that I’ve devoted my life and purpose to build His Kingdom full time. I am extremely blessed to serve the amazing people at New Life Church in Huntington, WV as their Associate Pastor going on 15 years now. (The first five I served as Youth Pastor). I like to laugh, a lot. My major gifts are speaking, mediating, diffusing, encouraging, planning, keeping it real, creative brainstorming and making the most out of any situation. I’m currently constantly developing my leadership skills and my pizza ninja skills.

I married my dream girl. Megan is my sweetheart and my beautiful wife of over 14 years. We are blessed to have two wonderful and hilarious kids. Jaden, who is our very entertaining first born son, whom I also plan to live vicariously through when he earns a basketball scholarship to play for Duke. Go Duke! And our beautiful daughter Ava, who has already taken her rightful place as Princess of the house.

Follow me on twitter. @joshuahuffman
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Visit New Life Church.


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