Weird Courage


Time to wake this blog up after a two month nap.

Sunday we kicked off a two week series at New Life Church titled “Weird – because normal isn’t working.” Let’s face it – the new normal is a busted mess.

  • The new normal in relationships is –  divorce, regret, depression, guilt, unfaithfulness.
  • The new normal in finances is – broke, in debt, can’t afford it but bought it anyway, no margin, little or no generosity.
  • The new normal in church is – not growing, serving when it’s convenient, not reaching non-believers only reaching Christians, Christ isn’t center, skipping church because you’re tired.

Normal. Isn’t. Working.

So stop trying to be normal. Jesus called us to be weird. Not weird in a creep people out because I’m so spiritual kind of way. Weird in a – I have peace, my marriage has passion after 13 years, my life has meaning, Christ is center of my life, I’m there for my kids, I have joy in life, I am led by the Spirit of God and my life stands out in a good/God kind of way. Weird is better. Trust me.

Weird for you this week may mean doing something that you typically don’t do because you’re afraid people will think you’re weird. Well, it’s time to step up and get weird. Remember, normal is busted. Weird is better.

Here are some ideas for you to be weird this week:

  1. Invite someone to church (I recommend this Sunday when I finish up Weird – Part 2).
  2. Take breakfast to school teachers or surprise your bank with donuts. Invite them to church.
  3. Have a free garage sell. That’s right FREE. Give everything away and Invite everyone who shows up to church. (Maybe for the warmer months..but still!)
  4. Surprise someone and buy them a drink at a gas station. Hand them an invite card.
  5. Surprise your wife with flowers and a note that says “I love you, thank you for all you do.” Even though it’s not Valentine’s Day yet.
  6. Fast a meal and pray for God to bring lost people into His Kingdom this Sunday at NLC.
  7. Write an encouraging note to a teacher or someone who is helping your kids on a regular basis, and let them know you are praying for them. (You better actually be praying for them!)
  8. Did I mention invite someone to church this Sunday?
  9. Don’t spend any money on fast food this week and instead bring it as an offering to church Sunday.
  10. Turn off the TV and have a board game night with your family for an hour. Finish it up with a time of prayer and have each person offer a prayer request. Record the prayer requests in a notebook and then celebrate together when God answers the prayer!

Seriously, I could go on with this. You CAN do this. You CAN be weird. All it takes is a moment of courage. Just a moment. Becoming the “Weird” man or woman of God takes courage. Sometimes, it just takes 20 seconds of insane courage (Cue the clip below from the movie “We Bought a Zoo.”)

Praying today that you find that courage and get weird with me.


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