Things Christians Should Stop Saying Part 2

Hey Christian, stop saying “I’ll pray about it.”

When what you really mean is “There’s NO possible way, but instead of being honest with you about the truth, I’m going to put it off so I come across as a super spiritual person.”

Why do we do this? Why do we say things to people that we don’t mean? Why do I tell people that I’ll give them a call when in reality I have ZERO interest in talking to that person beyond the current conversation? I’ll tell you why. Other than coming across as a rude jerk-face (which of course there are more tactful ways to be honest), we choose the easy way out.

Let’s be perfectly clear about what’s really going on when we tell people that we’ll pray about something when the truth is they aren’t even making our fast-food-for-dinner prayer. We are being liars. Whoa-oah dude! That seems a bit harsh! For real, what’s the big deal Josh? What’s the harm in just telling someone that I’m praying for them when I’m really not? Won’t they still FEEL better? (Seriously…I’m about to go JIMMY-NINJA all up on you).

Here’s why.

Proverbs teaches us to choose our commitments VERY carefully because you have to live with the consequences of EVERYTHING you say. Count. The. Cost. Think before you speak. The words you choose to say can make you sick or well, happy or sad, rich or poor, can get you married or divorced. When you choose to say words (even good intentioned words) that aren’t true, you’re NOT speaking the truth. The Bible doesn’t say WORDS make you free, the Bible teaches that its THE TRUTH that makes you free. There’s a BIG difference.

Dishonesty always destroys. Always. It’s fake love. You don’t lie to people you really love. Dishonesty is always superficial. So when you say “I’ll pray about it” when you have no intention to do so, you may fool me, but the reality is you’re a superficial person who doesn’t really care. Only say it if you mean it. Level with people. Be honest. Think before you speak and when you speak, speak the truth.

“He who guards his mouth controls himself, but he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.”
Proverbs 13:3


One thought on “Things Christians Should Stop Saying Part 2

  1. To avoid saying, “I’ll pray about it.” Pray about it right then–with the person. It doesn’t mean you can’t pray later, but it shows them you care and that you’re willing to take it to the Father right then and there.

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