Things Christians Should Stop Saying Part 1

Intro: We all say dumb things. I’m not sure it’s even possible to prevent. I say stupid things all the time (my wife is nodding her head). At some point we’re all going to blurt something out that we immediately know we shouldn’t have and regret it. (So, how does that foot taste? Need some ketchup?) There are what I would consider “accidental shootings” and by that I mean we immediately respond/say something without thinking, to a situation, conflict or question. We didn’t mean to say it, but we still did. It was unintentional, but it can’t be taken back and it still caused damage. (“Hey man, I’m soooo sorry I accidentally shot you in the back with my gun. We’re still good right?” Um, no).

Then there are times that we’ll say something to completely blame/cover up/justify our weakness/selfishness that is total false and basically a complete lie. The next couple of posts are going to be about the things Christians should STOP saying. This has as much to do about the MOTIVATION behind what is said as it does the actual words spoken themselves.

Hey Christian, stop saying “The Lord is Leading Me…”

Believers abuse that phrase more than my daughter abuses popsicles on a hot day. Seriously. I’ve heard it all. Hey Pastor Josh, the Lord is leading me to leave my wife. Hey Pastor Josh, the Lord is leading me to leave the church. Hey Pastor Josh, the Lord is leading me to stop serving. Hey Pastor Josh, the Lord is leading me to rob a bank. Ok, so I made that last one up, but you get the ridiculous point.

Just because you tell me “the Lord is leading me” doesn’t mean He actually is. In fact, it’s almost ALWAYS clear when someone is blaming/unfairly using God as an excuse to be selfish and get their way. If you haven’t taken the time to pray for wisdom, seek God’s Word for counsel or talk to your Pastor about the decision BEFOREHAND, then DO NOT tell me the Lord is leading you when its obvious that He’s not! God will NEVER lead someone to do something that contradicts HIS WORD! Duh.

That’s not how this works. Just by adding “the Lord is leading me” doesn’t mean you get to have your way. You can’t lie your way into God’s Will.

Have you stopped to consider the consequences for saying this when it’s untrue? When you falsely claim that the Lord is leading you, here’s what happens:

  • You lose credibility
  • You miss out on the opportunity for REAL GROWTH
  • You form the bad habit of not seeking God for answers
  • You promote self above everything and everyone else
  • You cut off Gods people
  • You abuse and lose relationships with true friends
  • Eventually, the truth becomes known and you look foolish

Do any of those sound good to you? Me either! So just be honest. You don’t have to come across as some spiritual giant guru who God texts the answers to immediately because you’ve done everything the right way. FYI, the people closest to you already know who you are. We know better. (I would also add that spiritual leaders also have spiritual discernment). You’re not fooling anyone but yourself. So just be honest. Just be open. If it’s not God thats leading, if you haven’t prayed for wisdom, if you haven’t searched God’s Word, then that’s where you start. Don’t blame God for your selfish motives. Honestly, I’ll have more respect for you if you just simply start with “I want to…” At least then (you may still be very wrong) but at least you’re honest about your motive.

Good news time. If you’ve already blown it, then thankfully/hopefully God’s Mercy will be kicking in real soon and He’s giving you the time you need to seek forgiveness and get things right. Take advantage of it and do it. Make the corrections and please STOP saying that “the Lord is leading me” when it’s obvious that He’s not.

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”
Psalm 19:14


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