Pinterest Imperfect

I began to notice my wife using a new app a while back that allowed her to pick and pin her favorite discoveries from the internet. It sounded pretty cool, so I asked her what it was and she replied “Pinterest.” Hmm. Ok. So, I downloaded the app, signed up (invite only at the time) and well, basically forgot it was on my phone. About a month later I decided to check it out and after pinning a 10 minute recipe for pizza rolls and a hot molten lava cake made in the microwave, I was hooked. Now I’m a pinning machine and you know what? I love it.

Confession: I enjoy the mens style, garden, products and the holiday categories the most. Yep.

Last night I was searching on Pinterest to find some unique Christmas gift ideas and the thought just hit me.

If my life was on Pinterest it would be un-pin-able.


Think about it. Pinterest ONLY shows the perfect room, the perfect recipe, the perfect style, the perfect layout, its ALL perfect. That’s why we want it so bad. We want our lives to mirror Pinterest! We want to look like them, have the amazing house like them, have the super awesome theater room like them (man…do I want that room). We want to BE PERFECT. It’s ruined us. Let’s face it. Our lives are NOT Pinterest pin-able. With the crazy to-do list, the never ending cleaning, the dog that ALWAYS needs a bath, the kids toys everywhere and the crazy garage (or at my house the kids personal bike/toy storage facility). I’m not even mentioning my personal issues. Not even going there. I’m positive that my life would not be pin worthy (except maybe the “Jacked Up” category).

Here’s the great news: I don’t have too. Neither do you. Life is NOT meant to be Pinterest-perfect.

Jesus didn’t call us to live perfect lives. He called us to walk worthy. See Ephesians 4:1-6. If you’re a child of God, you have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of you. God has made you a new person, you’ve been set free from guilt, depression, the power and pain of sin. Perfection kills initiative. You’ll never achieve perfection, so if that’s your goal then you’ll ALWAYS end in failure. Perfection is NOT the plan. Passion is. Live life for Christ with PASSION. Stop being so concerned with perception. It’s not wrong to want to be the best you can, but when that’s driven by your fear of perception, it’s NOT healthy. It’s not Gods best.

So, keep pinning away. Keep stealing um, borrowing ideas. I plan to. 🙂
Just keep in mind that Pinterest isn’t real life, and its perfectly fine that way.


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