Living Faith Crusade Notes Night 3

My wife and I were discussing on the way home after the service just how great and spiritually refreshing it’s been to us during these services. Listen, we attend A LOT of church services, and we’ve both been looking forward to each night. They really have been excellent by Pastor Hagin, Lynette and his ministry team. Wednesday night is Healing Night, and it will be special. Pastor Hagin will be praying for the sick and over prayer cloths. You have ONE MORE OPPORTUNITY to get in on these services at New Life Church!

Tonight Pastor Hagin opened up with “I’m a Hagin, turn to Mark 11:22.” Love it. He taught on Faith and Moving Mountains tonight.

  • Nobody is exempt from mountains. Theres no level of faith you can achieve that will exclude you from facing a mountain.
  • Some people/Christians try to spend their whole life searching for a path that avoids mountains.
  • Your hardship, issue, and problem is your mountain. You’ve got to identity it.
  • Most people get weary and stop believing, ultimately they decide to live with their mountains.
  • The enemy’s strategy is to wear you down until you’re passive and accept your mountain as a permanent part of your life.
  • God has given you everything you need to overcome and remove your mountain.
  • You need Gods Word, Faith and your mouth.
  • Don’t make friends with your mountain.
  • Don’t complicate faith. Jesus kept things simple. Believe Gods Word and speak that Word to your mountain.
  • You tell the mountain what to do, not the other way around.
  • It’s you who has to speak, nobody else can speak to your mountain but you.
  • Your faith shouldn’t ever be placed more in people (or your pastor) than it is in God.
  • There’s a point in every believer where God expects them to use His Word, Believe it and Speak it for themselves.



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