Living Faith Crusade Healing Service Night 4

I hope these notes have helped you as much as they have me. I can’t say enough about how God has used Pastor Kenneth & Lynette Hagin and the Rhema ministry team to bring a spiritual renewal to Megan and I. This has been our favorite crusade at New Life Church possibly ever. In case you missed the first 3 nights here are the links to my notes.

Living Crusade Notes Night 1
Living Crusade Notes Night 2
Living Crusade Notes Night 3

Tonight was a Healing Service and Pastor Hagin taught from Mark 5 and the “Woman with the Issue of Blood.”

  • “I shall be well” is the key phrase that he had us repeat tonight.
  • This was a desperate woman who didn’t know if her current breath would be her last. She was dying.
  • Some people ask, Is God trying to teach her something? People learn better well! No way. It was the enemy attacking her body.
  • Why do so many people accept what the enemy gives?
  • This woman was determined. (Acts 10:38)
  • Once she made the statement “I shall be well” she acted on it.
  • The crowd posed a problem, especially for someone weak and with a blood issue under current law, she wasn’t to be in public.
  • Faith takes risks.
  • Jesus stopped. God will always stop and honor faith.
  • Jesus felt Gods Power leave him, but Jesus told her that it wasn’t His power that healed her, it was her faith that healed her.
  • (Luke 5:17) Jesus saw their faith…
  • Gods power alone is not enough. Even when it’s present, it’s not activated until there’s faith.
  • Just like a light that has power, but has not been switched on. You need the switch to activate the light and use the power to produce the light.
  • Gods Power is available all the time, but your faith is required to activate it.

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