Living Faith Crusade Notes Night 2

Pastor Hagin had another tremendous teaching tonight. His message was on Success and Obedience. Here are some of my bullet point notes. I’m telling you, you need to get to New Life Church and get in on these services if you are anywhere near.

  • Obedience is the key to success (Joshua 1:8)
  • Obedience isn’t about convenience.
  • When obedience becomes the motivating force in your life you’ll listen to God even when it’s difficult.
  • Where is your motivation? No motivation = no production.
  • Your success comes once you obey Gods Word. Reading isn’t enough.
  • We place way to much emphasis on fun. Sometimes obedience isn’t fun at all.
  • When the blessing/breakthrough doesn’t come overnight, your motivation better be there.
  • Obedience and willingness go together. (Isaiah 1:19)
  • Obedience is the act. Willingness is the attitude and heart.
  • (2 Cor 9:7) God wants you to give, but He wants you to be willing to give.
  • Obedience is the key to Gods Blessing (Duet 28:1-5)
  • When you have Gods Word in you, it’s easier to obey it. James 1:21-25

4 steps to improve your motivation to obey Gods Word.

  1. Hear it, study it & meditate on it.
  2. Believe it & meditate it some more.
  3. Speak the word out of your mouth.
  4. Be willing to obey and act out the Word.

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