Living Faith Crusade Notes

Pastor Kenneth and Lynette Hagin are in for a Living Faith Crusade this week. If you are anywhere near New Life Church, you need to get here. He spoke tonight and shared some things that made a HUGE impact on my life. I thought it would be cool to share some of the bullet point notes I took. His message was on Obstacles and Opportunities.

  • Don’t focus only on the spectacular or you’ll miss the supernatural.
  • All obstacles aren’t necessarily from God.
  • Obstacles are temporary.
  • God is able to restore joy, passion, direction & overcome your fear of being left behind.
  • All opportunities are not from God.
  • Knowing/discerning the difference between a God given opportunity & the appearance of one determines whether you stay in Gods full blessing/will or permissive blessing/will.
  • God is bigger than missed opportunities.
  • Before you step into a new opportunity, it requires prayer AND fasting to clearly hear from God.
  • Gods primary way to guide isn’t by how great the opportunity appears, but through Gods Word and through your spirit. (Proverbs 11:12, John 16:13, Romans 8:16).
  • Trouble is more of an indicator that it is God than it isn’t.
  • The reason God can’t speak to you is because you’ve already made up your mind.
  • He doesn’t force, He leads.
  • Stop and listen, He wants you to get it right.
  • Sometimes He leads you through obstacles to prepare you for your next opportunity.
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