Confessions of an Associate Pastor – Part 1

I thought I’d take a couple posts and share some insight into the life of an Associate Pastor/PK. So its confession time for me.

I’m an associate pastor, which means my calling at this stage in my life and ministry isn’t to CREATE vision, its to IMPLEMENT, SUPPORT and EXECUTE vision. As a creative type person by nature, this doesn’t always come easy. I don’t mean to say that I have problems following instruction or following through with executing a plan. My problem is the difficulty of not being in a creative position.

I don’t oversee one specific ministry that allows me to invest myself completely into it. My position requires me to assist, train and encourage the current leadership and various ministry programs within the church. I’m a leader, an organizer, an administrator, an inspector and an encourager. I enjoy what I do, but there are days when I miss the creative control of running a ministry within my personality, my creativity and my ideas.

I do have outlets. I continue to work within design and media that allows me to be creative. I also speak to the church quite a bit which also allows me to be creative within that service. I also am given opportunities to implement special weekends (Christmas, Easter, Holidays, Summer, etc).

Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE WHAT I DO! I also love being able to serve with some amazing, faithful and passionate people! I’m not perfect and some days are easier than others. What I do to stay within my calling and honor my position is this: I keep my heart and attitude right, I stay focused on giving God my very best, I stay thankful for the privilege to serve, I stay connected to the Pastors vision and heart, and I take advantage of my outlets to be creative.

More confessions coming…


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