Anniversary Follow Up

Yesterday my wife and I shared our 12th wedding anniversary together. After 12 years together I’m still learning new things about my beautiful, funny and super talented wife. For example…she has some MAD poetic skills. Girl can spit out some crazy hot rhymes.

Here’s what she posted on my facebook.

Once upon a time
I fell in love
He was sent
From heaven above
To make me full
Of joy and laughter
He was sure
To be my happy ever after

Hotter than hot
No one can compare
His height and build
And his nice dark hair
He gives me a kiss
And my heart still flutters
I even love when he mutters

He loves me
Even when I’m crazy
PMS-ing and nagging
And sometimes lazy
He shrugs it off
Without a care in the world
And has even held my hair
When I have hurled

He is the best
For this you can see
He must be special
To put up with me
For the past twelve years
He has made me smile
It seems as though
It’s only been a little while

I am so blessed
To call him mine
For I will
Till the end of time:)

Happy 12th Anniversary!

That’s right…hotter than hot. 🙂


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