Finding Gods Will

I hear confused people questioning God’s will in their life more and more. To be honest, there are times when I question if I’m in God’s Will. It’s during those times when I’m reminded that God’s Will doesn’t have to be as mysterious as we make it out to be. Here’s a little something I’ve learned along the way. Stop trying to guess it and simply start to live God’s Will. You get to choose the way you live your life. It’s our choice. He’s not going to FORCE you to do anything. He simply gifts you, guides through His Word and then directs you through your spirit. It’s up to you and I to make the right choices and follow through. God’s will doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 7 things you can absolutely count on.

1. God’s will is salvation. Our heavenly Father wants all people to experience eternal life. That includes you.

2. God’s will is dominion. This simply means control. God wants you to apple His Word and take control of your body, your thoughts, your attitude and your future. The rest of your life is in the future, stop trying to relive the past.

3. God’s will is discipleship. We are all disciples. God wants us all to progressively grow in our walk with Christ. As we grow, it’s also our responsibility to help others do the same.

4. God’s will is unity. Our life and lifestyle need to align with Gods Word.

5. God’s will is stewardship. God expects us to take care of our time, money, abilities and all that God has entrusted us with in a responsible way.

6. God’s will is relationships. Gods plan has never included isolation. He created/wired us to live life together. You need me and I need you.

7. God’s will is progressive. God has a plan for your life that can only be completed ONE STEP at a time. When you get in a hurry, that’s when costly mistakes are made.


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