Graduation…Celebration and Regret

It’s a beautiful thing to honor someone who has accomplished something significant in life and then pray God’s blessing on them as they begin their next great journey. As I sat there with my wife, watching my dad pray God’s blessing on this 2012 graduating class, hearing the many achievements, scholarships, rewards and accomplishments from this group, I couldn’t help but reflect on a few things I wish I had learned back in high school.

1. I wish I would have kept a “highlights journal.” It would be wonderful to reflect on the highs and lows of high school life back in the day. Not a lame “dear diary” type thing. You know, just when cool things happened. 🙂

2. I wish I would have taken more pictures. My kids would LOVE to see more of what I was like back in high school. One of my favorite moments with my kids took place when they saw one of the extra large format team pictures hanging in my old high school. (They hang it when you win a state championship). They loved seeing me as a teenager. My kids thought that was the coolest thing ever. I didn’t even buy my Senior Yearbook. Doh.

3. I wish I would have shared Jesus with more of my friends. You think that you’ll be friends forever but you won’t. Some move away, some get busy, some go in different directions, and some even die. Gotta sieze the day!

4. I wish I would have tried new things. I would have liked to experiment new hobbies and interests. Back then, when I found something I liked, I pretty much stuck with it. That’s why for almost 8 straight years I ate the “chicken fingers dinner” exclusively at Shoney’s. Ugh. Try something fresh! Don’t get stuck in a rut! You may catch on to something great that you didn’t know existed!

5. I wish I would have studied harder. Not to go all “braggy” on you, but I was a very smart kid…who did just enough to get by. I could sleep in class and make a B. That was good enough. Dummy. I wish I would have worked harder in high school. The discipline you develop today will bring you the rewards you’ll want a decade from now. (2 Timothy 2:15)


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