This Made My Night

“Hey babe, I’m sorry, but I have to work late tonight.”

Those are the dreaded words I had to share with my wife this past week. We had been working furiously to finish our new kids ministry space at the church by the grand opening deadline, so working over was necessary. Working over is just a part of what comes with the ministry.

Megan and I have spent a lot of time teaching our children that when daddy has to work extra hours, it’s not because he doesn’t want to be home, or because he wants to make more money. It’s because what daddy does helps people know Jesus, and that is very very important. When I called my wife to let her know that I wouldn’t be home until well after the kids were in bed, she understood why and so did my kids.

This is the video my wife sent me around 8:30p. Made this daddy very proud. I sure do love my kids.


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