Club New Life Kids is Ready!

Sunday morning was our Grand Opening for the “New” Club New Life Kids space at New Life Church! The kids were pumped! This was a MAJOR project that took over 8 months, a lot of money, a lot of creativity and a lot of work to complete. I can’t state enough the overwhelming gratitude I have for everyone who gave financially, who worked physically and prayed spiritually for this project to be completed. We serve an AWESOME God and New Life Church is full of some AWESOME people!

The kids have an absolutely amazing new space to learn about Jesus! I have two questions that I ask my kids every week after kids church. 1. Did you have fun? 2. What did you learn? We are going to answer those questions in BIG ways with our new kids space!

The new Club NLK space includes:

  • An indoor play land
  • Games for pre/post service
  • All new classroom furniture
  • All new video screens
  • A smartboard for teaching
  • A new check-in station
  • New furniture
  • New computers
  • New stage lighting
  • New educational center games
  • New flooring throughout
  • A more efficient layout
  • A new and larger supply room
  • A new AND improved sound system
  • New class designs and art
  • New inflatables for special services

Check out the slideshow of some pics of the new rooms. I’m fired up for Club New Life Kids! I love the emphasis that New Life Church is placing on reaching kids in the Tri-State for Jesus! It’s time to grow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “Club New Life Kids is Ready!

  1. Awesome Josh! Great job. They are the men and women of today!!! We ha to build them strong. Missed U and LOVE YOU all!

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