Every Day is Valentine’s Day

For some reason, Valentine’s Day has never worked out for Megan and I. Today is Valentine’s Day and right now my wife is being a wonderful mother to our little girl who is puking her guts out. Not exactly the ideal conditions for a romantic evening together…

Something always ruins our big plans. If it’s not a sick kid, one of us gets sick. Some years it’s been a ministry related reason. A couple years I’ve been called out to minister, or there has been a church function. Or it’s like our first year, when we got each other gosh-awful gifts and just blew it ourselves.

We still do something a little special for each other, cards, candy, love notes. But we tend to keep it simple. Here’s why. Every day is Valentine’s Day to us. I don’t give her special “I’ll clean the house, do the laundry, help out” coupon one day a year, I help her every day. I don’t just give her cards, love notes and tell her how much she means to me one day a year, I tell her or show her every day. I’m not down on Valentine’s Day, I’m just way up on loving my wife every day.

So many married couples want a quick fix. They look for something big, or magical to ignite or restore lost passion. Ever consider that maybe it could be some of the little things you do consistently every day that show how much you love each other?

Here are some of the little things I do (or try to do…I’m def still a work in progress here) every day to show my wife I love her.

  1. Put the dishes away
  2. Take the trash out when it’s full
  3. Throw my dirty clothes in the hamper instead of the floor
  4. Keep the Van full of gas
  5. Write or text her a sweet note
  6. Make sure I’m off the phone when I come home
  7. Don’t hog the tv with sports
  8. Ask her how her day was instead of vent how mine was
  9. Remember her favorite drink at Starbucks and surprise her with it
  10. Hide notes in places she looks every day
  11. Hug her and kiss her as soon as I get home
  12. Thank her for being such a great wife and mother

There’s more…so much more. Like I said, I’m not perfect…Meg will be the first to agree 🙂 but I try my best every day to grow as a husband and show her how much I love her. I never assume she knows. I always tell her. My goal is to create an environment full of love, care, encouragement and security for her. When she’s with me, she knows she’s loved. Boo-yah.

Happy Valentine’s Day Megan. I love you more every day.


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