Hasn’t or Doesn’t

There’s a difference between something that hasn’t happened, and something that doesn’t happen.

We tend to buy into the “doesn’t” happen to me version when it just simply “hasn’t” happened yet. It sort of plays out like this:

We are believing God for something significant and meaningful, we tell God when we would like it to happen, time passes and it hasn’t happened when we would have liked it to happen, so we stop believing it will happen and start to believe it doesn’t.

“That may happen for you, but that doesn’t happen to me.”

You follow?

In between the asking and receiving is a huge margin of believing. The key is you have to stay engaged. Remember, faith doesn’t just say, faith does. Show me you have faith.

Remember the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5. That women wasn’t the only one with issues. She was the only one who was living her faith.

Sometimes faith means you have to do the exact opposite of what feels natural. So when you do what you don’t feel like doing, God is attracted to that faith.

Stay engaged. Even if it hasn’t happened, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t.


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