Why We Do What We Do

Life change is taking place every week at New Life Church. I wanted to share just a few examples of the stories that people have shared with me how God has/is transforming lives.

Stories of Life Change.

1.  We met a woman (first time guest) who has 5 children with one more on the way. She had just recently moved into town and had heard about New Life Church from a friend in her previous home. She was searching for answers, struggling to find a home and clinging on to hope. The Sunday she attended we taught on “Trusting God When Life’s Not Fair” and she shared how God gave her hope that day. God has since provided her a temporary home for her family and a group of ladies from New Life are stepping up to bless her in HUGE ways.

2. A man shared with me that his wife had been unfaithful. He had been in such a miserable depression, but was hanging on to save his marriage. He attended a service where I spoke on “Dealing with Depression” and he shared how since that day, God had given him hope. God spoke into his life that day and begin to heal him and consequently heal his marriage. His marriage is now stronger than ever and God gets all the Glory.

3. A lady shared how she was driving down the interstate and as she passed the church, she felt something lead her to our service. She made her way to New Life that morning and during the service God gave her an answer she had been seeking.

Keep praying. Keep inviting. Keep serving. Keep sharing.

You can’t reach everyone, but you can reach one.

Brothers, if you have a message of encouragement for the people, please speak.
Acts 13:15


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