I’m Successful If…

I’m real big on defining what a “win” looks like in my life. Maybe it’s my competitive nature, or maybe it’s based from years of personal goal setting, but I like to know when I’ve been successful. I get frustrated when I’m assigned a task or goal, but I’m not given a clear definition of what success looks like. How do I know I’ve done well? How do I know if I totally bombed? How do I know what to improve?

When I set personal goals, I also define what a win looks like. That doesn’t always guarantee that I accomplish the goal, however it does give me a target. If I hit the target (or sometimes just come close), it gives me a reason to celebrate. I do this with preaching, in my spiritual devotion life, in my leadership and even in my family life. My definition is constantly changing and growing, but it’s always something I include no matter what the goal or task is.

I thought that I’d share what my definition of success is with my family. Here it is:

I’m successful if…

  • I live my life with STRONG faith. Not weak, passive, always have to be right, always offended faith.
  • I love my wife with everything I am. I never put anything other than Christ above her.
  • I work hard to build relationships with my son and daughter as they grow up. I want to find things we share and enjoy together. An “Our Thing” we only do together.
  • I care more about my kids than I do my ministry. I love my church, but I love my kids WAY more.
  • I model a genuine Spirit Filled Christ Following Believer’s life before my family. Don’t preach in the good times what you don’t live in the bad times…
  • I focus more on the experiences in life than I do the stuff. (This is another blog post altogether, but when my kids move out of the house, I want them full of great memories, not just the junk we bought them).
  • I am a positive person. I have a slight tendency to be critical, I know…I know…so hard to believe. 🙂

These are just a few I’m sharing.

What about you? What is success for you?


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