When I Feel Overwhelmed

There are times in ministry when I find myself on the verge of breakdown. Ministry can overwhelm you so quickly. Don’t worry, I’m doing fine. 🙂 I’ve learned to cast my cares daily (sometimes hourly, sometimes minute by minute) on God whenever I catch myself starting to flip out.

God can’t take care of the things you won’t let go of.

I’ve learned to let it go. That doesn’t mean that it mysteriously evaporates out of my brain, or I don’t think about it. It means that I yield to God, ask for His power and make sure that He’s not only involved in the process, but in the lead.

Also, I love music. There are certain worship songs that I’ll listen to when I’m dealing with a particular issue. I wanted to share this song by Bethel Worship that I listen to when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

You can purchase it here from Amazon. If you’re feeling overwhelmed today at work, or with your kids, or with your spouse, or because they removed Saved By the Bell from the morning re-runs, then hopefully this helps. 🙂


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