Great Post on Pastoral Insecurity

Read this excellent post about the issue of insecurity that pastors/church leaders must confront on Ronnie Floyd’s blog the other day. Gotta admit, I’ve had my bouts with church competitiveness. Many pastors have to battle with the “rockstar mentality” or the “holier than thou” ego trip every week. Must. Stay. Humble. Personally, even when I’ve experienced a “win” it left me more empty than fulfilled. I keep a reminder handy that the church wasn’t started because Christians couldn’t find a nice place to worship. We are here to reach the lost and make them disciples. Our focus needs to be as much outward as it is inward, maybe more-so outward with the amount of unchurched.

Totally share-worthy.

One of the major challenges that prevent many churches from being Great Commission churches can be summarized in a single word: insecurity. It eliminates opportunities for evangelism, it creates conflict in the church, and I’ve even seen it ruin ministries. Here are some helpful tips for identifying the signs of and solutions to insecurity.

  • Competitiveness– One of the biggest problems insecurity carries with it is overt competition. Churches try to “out-do” one another. Pastors find themselves competing with other pastors.
    Solution: Remember that as a Christ-follower your only competition is the world, the flesh, and the devil; not other pastors or churches.
  • Combativeness – I have seen many pastors or other church leaders ruin their ministry by the incessant need to have their way all the time. In one of my previous books, Ten Things Every Minister Needs to Know I talk about this issue in more detail.
    Solution: Recognize that not every hill is worth dying on. Sometimes the best, most Christ-like way is to humble yourself and see that the best idea is not always your own.
Read the rest of what he wrote at his blog.

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