Celebrate the Small Things

I’m real big on being thankful for everything that God does in my life, both for what I see as well as what I don’t see. God is always at work on us. A daily spiritual habit I’ve developed is to celebrate the small things. I’ve learned to take a little time out of each day and pause in order to reflect and celebrate what God has done. I typically think of the small things that would normally go unnoticed, but are big indicators that God is at work in my life and that I matter to Him. To help you understand what I’m talking about a little better, I’ll list a few personal things I’m thankful for and a few that show how God is at work.

  • When I’ve positively lived out Galations 5:22-23 at Walmart
  • When I get to work safely, and arrive home safely
  • When I look around at what God has accomplished at New Life Church
  • When I finish video chatting with my 7 year old son
  • When I find a can of Pepsi in my dads office fridge
  • When I’ve paid my tithes (Blessed to be a blessing!)
  • When I’ve paid a bill on time (His provision!)
  • When I go a full day without being negative
  • When I find a love note from my wife on my calendar
  • This could go on for a while…
Remember that God is always at work in your life. You may not see it, but He is. Trust me. That’s why we live by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).
Many, LORD my God,
are the wonders you have done,
the things you planned for us.
None can compare with you;
were I to speak and tell of your deeds,
they would be too many to declare.
Psalm 40:5
Here are a few reasons I’ve thought of for you to be thankful and celebrate how God is at work in your life.
  • When at your job, you don’t make yourself look better by making someone else look worse
  • When you’re generous with someone in need
  • When you’re a good steward with your paycheck
  • When you’re honest at work
  • When you end up behind a stupid driver (you’re still blessed to be driving in a car)
  • When you don’t lose your temper
  • When you come home to hugs from your kids and kisses from your spouse
  • When you wake up!
You may not be where you want to be in life, but because of Jesus you’re not where you use to be either. God is still at work. That’s good news. Celebrate the small things. Be thankful.




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