My Daughter’s Questions

During an afternoon grocery run to the dreaded Walmart, my daughter had some interesting questions for me on the drive home. A couple of them actually caught me off guard.

1. Does the sky end at God?

2. Will our dog Roscoe still poop in Heaven?

3. Why did God name it Heaven?

4. Does God need a car to leave?

5. Is Heaven above the stars?

6. Is the fire in Hell black?

7. Are there worms in it?

8. If you go to Hell can you ever leave?

9. Can I have some marshmallows when we get home?

She rattled these off like a machine gun all in less than one minute. I’m continuously amazed at how her little mind works to understand this big world we live in.

What about you? Your kids ever ask any funny/though provoking questions that caught you off guard?


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