Some Quick Bible Thoughts

I was just reading in Matthew and thought I’d share a couple quick thoughts I have about this passage. Go read Matthew 14:22-33 right now. Do it! 🙂

A couple thoughts:

  • vs. 22 – Jesus made his disciples get on the boat. God is sovereign. Even though we always have the choice to obey, sometimes the options He presents us with are limited to only one. Get on the boat. Obey or don’t.
  • vs. 24 – There’s a pretty nasty wind blowing that apparently has some experienced fisherman concerned. Storms in life happen whether you like it or not. Kind of busts the myth that being a follower of Christ is easy. Being a disciple of Christ means dealing with some storms.
  • vs. 26 – They thought Jesus was a ghost. Don’t allow the storm to distort your view of Jesus.
  • vs. 27 – Notice Jesus didn’t calm the storm before he spoke. He’s speaking, but sometimes it’s not to calm the storm, it’s to calm you. Pay attention.
  • vs. 29 – Jesus told him to step out in the middle of the storm. Jesus expects us to trust Him no matter what. That’s how faith grows.
  • vs. 30 – Don’t be afraid to fail. Jesus will never call you to step out of the boat and then let you drown. Remember, before Peter freaked out and started sinking HE DID WALK ON WATER TOO. Kind of cool.
  • vs. 32 – The storm didn’t stop until Jesus got in the boat. He is ultimate peace. Make sure he’s on board.
Just a couple thoughts. Hope they help.

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