A Fine Line

There’s a fine line between honesty and negativity. Honesty is a valuable component of evaluation. When we evaluate a ministry or leader at New Life Church, the goal is to be as honest as possible without being negative.

Negativity tears down whereas honesty leads to truth.

Never filter your ministry through fear.

  • Afraid of hurting a leaders feelings.
  • Afraid of telling someone they need to improve.
  • Afraid of making the necessary changes.

If a leaders heart is in the right place, and the evaluation is conducted in love, then the process should always result in truth. Growth will follow that.

That’s what leadership is. Jesus said it’s truth that sets you free. Honest evaluation must be unfiltered to achieve truth.

The same can be said about the issues in your life. Until you’re willing to open up to God about what you’re dealing with in a totally vulnerable way, you’ll never experience true freedom. Funny thing is God already knows it.

God can’t take care of the things you won’t let go of. Open up. Let go and let God.


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