Invite Card

At New Life Church, we are encouraging EVERYONE to use an invite card this week. It’s very simple. Take the small card, hand it to someone and say, “Hey, would you like to go to church with me? It’s going to be AWESOME.” Simple. Such a little card that can potentially do so much.

Here’s the only problem…

If you give this card to someone, say a waiter/waitress in a restaurant, you actually have to be nice to them. You can’t boss them around, or complain that you’re SUPER thirsty and it would be nice to get a refill before you die, or sip your straw so it makes that annoying sucking noise, or rip them off on their tip and then expect them to warmly receive an invite card let alone actually show up to church.

It means that if you’re running an errand and plan to hand a card to the clerk, you can’t roll your eyes at how long it takes her to help you, or ignore her by faking a cell phone call or text when she tries to make conversation about all this rain we’ve been having.

Giving out the invite cards may even require that you be extra generous. If you’re getting a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks or an ice cream from the DQ and see the tip jar sitting by the counter, that might mean the best way to slip your server an invite card is to place one inside a one dollar bill.

It also means the next time your neighbor comes knocking on your door asking for sugar, or gas, or your weed eater, instead of saying, “Sorry dude, I think we’re out,” you should actually go look and then accomodate what’s being asked for while you grab an invite card off your counter.

Handing someone an invite card means you have to treat people the way Jesus would. Snap. All that from this little card? Is it worth it?


Happy Inviting! 🙂


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