Empty Seats

Chances are very good that at some point in the past month you were sitting in a church service and beside you was an empty seat. I’d say that if we were to get brutally honest, many of us would fall into the “relieved” category when it comes to empty seats.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s the feeling you get in a crowded movie theater when the movie starts and the seat beside you is still empty. You keep your fingers cross and quietly celebrate every time someone walks past your aisle and invades someone else’s entertainment zone. Once the previews are over and that seat is still empty you’re feeling pret-ty good that you don’t have to rub elbows with a weirdo, share your armrest, or keep your shoes on…wait. Anyways, you get the point.

That mentality may work in a crowded movie theater, but in a church service it should be the FARTHEST thing from our mind. In church, EMPTY SEATS SHOULD MATTER MORE THAN THEY DO.

An empty seat in a church service means there is someone who desperately needs to hear the Gospel, but isn’t there to hear because they weren’t invited.

Someone like…

  • A single mom struggling to get by
  • A recently divorced man who has lost all confidence in relationships
  • A person suffering from addiction and doesn’t know the way out
  • A college student who spends all her time in bars and is losing a grip on life
  • A neighbor who is struggling to get by and needs hope
  • A co-worker who is full of fear and tells you every day at work
  • Anyone who is living life without Jesus and is spiritually lost
  • I could go on…

Empty seats matter. The next time you sit in a church service try and pay attention to the empty seats around you. Take a moment to count them. Each seat represents a person who God desperately loves and just wants the opportunity to show them. Each empty seat represents a person who will NOT be hearing about God’s forgiveness, mercy, salvation, faith, hope and love during that service. That matters. Someone is counting on you to care. Do your very best to fill a seat this Sunday. Just one. Don’t just mentally agree with me when you read this. Actually invite someone to church this week. If they say no, don’t quit on them. Keep inviting and keep praying.

Empty seats people matter.


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