Ministry Ain’t Easy

Ministry isn’t easy (for all of you grammar freaks). 🙂

Either way, that statement is a MASSIVE understatement.

In fact, I tell our leaders at New Life to remember we are on the front lines of this battle and that’s the most dangerous place to be. OF COURSE it’s going to be hard.

There are days when…

  • You feel as if nothing you do is right
  • You feel like you’re not good enough
  • You question if what you’re going through is worth it
  • You invest a lot of time into somebody who ends up bombing huge
  • You give and give and give until you feel wiped out
  • You get discouraged when don’t see life change happening like you think it should
  • You feel like you’re the last standing survivor on “Ministry Island”

I could go on…

Leaders deal war with these thoughts on a daily basis (trust me.) Yet we continue to believe and depend on God for strength in order to move forward and make a difference in this world for Jesus. Ephesians 4 teaches that ministers are gifts. They don’t possess gifts for you. They ARE gifts for you. Gifts to and for the church people to grow in their faith in Christ. Your spiritual growth and maturity is tied to one of these gifts (Pastor, Teacher, etc.) They are from God for you. They pray for you, teach you, love you, help you, instruct you, discipline you, and give their life to help you grow as a believer and fulfill your purpose in life. That’s a BIG DEAL. Pastor’s carry a heavy load. It can wear even the strongest of leaders down over time.

Make sure that it’s not a one sided relationship. Take an ACTIVE role in pouring right back into your leaders! Pray for your pastor and leadership every day. 1 Thessalonians 2 Paul asked the church to “pray for us brethren!” Want to know how/what you should be praying?

Here ya go.

1. Thank You Lord, that there is no one else so like-minded with me as my pastor. He sincerely cares for me and my life. He doesn’t seek his own things, but the things that are of You. Philippians 2:20-21

2. My pastor has a proven character and serves well in the Gospel. Philippians 2:22-23

3. The Word of God is in his mouth and in his heart. He preaches the Word of Faith. Romans 10:8

4. Thank You, Lord, for giving me a pastor after Your own heart, who feeds me with knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:15

5. Lord, you defeat every enemy that comes against my pastor and the people of my church. When the enemy marches against us, You scatter them before us in seven directions. Deuteronomy 28:7

6. I am glad my pastor bears good fruit in his ministry and the people of my church are healthy in every way. Everyone prospers in everything they do. You have given them the church You planned to bless them in. Deuteronomy 28:8

I could go on, but I believe that’s enough to get you started. Pray these everyday over you pastor and church leaders. We aren’t just conquerors, we are MORE than conquerors. 


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