A Disney Flashback

This morning I had a wonderful flashback. Last May we spent a magical week with family at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My son was only 6 when I had the bright idea to have him ride quite possibly the scariest ride in the park, “The Tower of Terror.” Um, the word TERROR is in the name of the ride! I snapped this photo right before we got in line. To my complete amazement, my son DOMINATED this ride. He totally manned up and made it through every scary video, scary jump and scary drop. I can’t tell you how pumped and proud I was that he toughed this out. He faced his fear and made it through. I bet from his angle that ride seemed taller than the Empire State Building.

What are you afraid of? What are you going through that has you paralyzed from fear? What’s your tower of terror today?

Just a reminder that greater is HE that is in YOU, than he that is in the world. You, through the power of God, can overcome.

High five for victory today!

Back to Jaden…He was a bit pale and shaky when we walked off. 🙂 What a great moment. I love that kid!


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