Take Some Time

The past three weeks have been almost non-stop. I’m a pk (preacher’s kid) so I understand fully that sacrifice is a part of the ministry life. That has helped me to prioritize what is most important to me. I work very hard to find and maintain the right balance.

Here’s my order: Nothing comes before my relationship with Jesus. Then, nothing comes before my marriage. Then, nothing comes before my children. Finally, nothing comes before my ministry.

God doesn’t want me (or you) to sacrifice your family for the sake of the ministry. However, God also doesn’t want you using your family as an excuse to be lazy in any way. (I’ll save that topic for another day). I’ve seen both extremes at work and both lead to failure and disappointment.

So much time has been invested in ministry the past three weeks, I needed to regain balance with my wife and kids. So yesterday I took the entire day off to spend and share with just my beautiful wife. Tonight the whole family sat on our oversized couch for a movie night, theater candy and all. I can’t OVER EMPHASIZE how important it is to prioritize time with your family. They need this. I need this.


This is a tough lesson to learn the hard way, so don’t. Make plans right now to take your wife on a date, surprise her with her favorite Starbucks beverage, buy her a gift card to Charming Charlie’s, take your kids to the movies, tell them how much you love them, tell them how proud you are (without any expectation of them making a shot, hitting a homerun, or scoring any points). Just have fun, no strings attached. Hug them for no reason. Pray with them. Read them a story or better yet, make one up together. (One of my son’s favorites).

Thank God together for what He’s done. I’m convinced that a large part of being a good father is just being there. Find balance and keep it.

Well, what are you waiting for?


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