Hard To Imagine

Imagine with me for a moment that you have a child who has just committed a horrible crime. They are apprehended and held in custody. They are tried in a court of law, found guilty by their peers and ultimately sentenced to death.


Imagine the pain you would feel. The intense grief. The overwhelming sadness. The thought of losing them forever would be unbearable in itself, but the thought of your child being forced to die would be downright gut wrenching.

It’s hard to imagine.

Now imagine that right before they are taken away permanently to face their judgement, you are given the opportunity to set them free. You jump at the chance. The price? Your life for theirs. Being driven by such a deep love you have for your son/daughter, you know what you must do. Without question it will be difficult, but when you imagine your child now possessing the rare gift of grace, freedom and hope, there’s no other choice. You do it.

It’s hard to imagine.

Now go read Psalms 22 and Luke 22-23. This is exactly what Jesus did for you and me.

His love for us led Him to a cross that He didn’t deserve but was willing to endure, because the thought of you and I having to face the cross that we did deserve was something He couldn’t.

A reminder today that you and I have an awesome Savior.


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