Easter, Don’t Come Alone

I read the other day that 8 out of 10 people who are personally invited to church WILL GO on Easter Sunday! If that statistic is accurate, then 80% of your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers are VERY LIKELY to join you at church THIS SUNDAY!

At New Life, last Sunday we wrote a name down on a blank index card and made a commitment to pray for that person (or people) as well as to PERSONALLY INVITE them to church with us on Easter Sunday. My guess is by now a little bit of fear has crept in and the “what if’s” are flashing in your head. What if they…think I’m weird, think I’m stupid, cuss me out, punch me in the face, laugh at me, tell me off, cut me off, don’t want to be my friend any more? Let me help you out. PUSH THROUGH THE FEAR. Fight the doubts and invite them to hear the Gospel on Sunday morning. There is NOTHING more important in their life than hearing the Gospel this Sunday!

You. Can. Do it.

Here are some practical ways you can invite friends to Easter at New Life Church:

  1. Pray for people by name each day. Trust that God is already at work in their lives. Ask Him to soften their heart.
  2. Share some food! Invite them for dinner, then invite them to church during the meal. Make sure the food is tasty. 🙂
  3. If you go out for a meal, ask how you can pray for your server before you bless your food, tip them well, and hand them an invite card before you leave.
  4. Offer to eat lunch together after church on Sunday. Offer to pick them up or caravan with them on Sunday morning.
  5. Talk about Easter at New Life Church on Facebook and Twitter. Aim for at least one status update per day that would include an invite to Easter at New Life.
  6. Point people to our website. They can listen to previous sermons, get all the info they need for Kids/Youth, etc.
  7. Prayerwalk through your neighborhood and invite people who are out working in the yard, playing outside, out for a walk, etc.
  8. Put some invite cards on your desk, your coffee table, your car console, etc. where people will see them and ask you about them.
  9. Keep invite cards with you all the time and be ready to step up when the opportunity pops up!
  10. There are literally a zillion ways to invite people…these are just a few.

The point is this – God can use your invitation to radically transform a life. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to invite your friends to hear and respond to the gospel on Easter Sunday.

New Lifer’s…I’m praying for you as you invite your friends and people you cross paths with this week. I am praying for and expecting a move of God on Sunday – that God would make His name great through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ!



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