Some Things Never Change

And they shouldn’t. For example.

This is a photo I snapped of me getting into my dads “mini fridge” he has in his church office. Funny thing is, I’ve been raiding that fridge ever since I was a little boy. I’m 31 and I’m still raiding it. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. You see, he’s my dad. Because of the relationship we have, I have complete confidence in my mini fridge access privileges. There is never a “bad time” to grab something out of there (mostly water because of my mom). He’s given me full access. I don’t worry if he’ll be upset with me because I’m in his fridge while he’s not in there.

I didn’t earn this privilege because I’m the associate pastor, or because I’m on the church staff. What gives me unrestricted, complete access is our relationship. I’m his son.

I have that relationship with my heavenly father too. So do you. Romans 8 says we when believe, we belong. We have the right and privilege to call God, the creator of the universe, our father, our daddy. Hebrews 4 says to come boldly to God’s throne. Not only does he allow it, He encourages it! He’s crazy about you! He’s your heavenly Father and because you have a relationship with Him, you have unrestricted access!

Your heavenly father can provide you with:

You have unrestricted access to Him and all that He has! It’s up to you. Will you raid His mini fridge today?

Now if only I could get my dad to stock some Mt. Dew in there. His grandkids have taken this privilege to a “whole-nutha-level.”  🙂


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