One of My Favorite People


I’m a preachers kid. Literally a couple days after MY BIRTH my mom had me in the back of the church with her listening to my dad preach. As a pk, you get to meet all sorts of people, most of them great, some not so much.

Over the years a few people really standout to me for their leadership, faithfulness and dedication. Enter Clyde Pack. Man do I love this guy. I mention him in as many sermons as I can just because I love him. So Clyde, when I mentioned you having a conversation with Moses once in a message, it came from a good place! 🙂

Clyde and his wife Carol have been such a tremendous blessing to not only our church, but also our family and the body of Christ.

As a pk, you really learn to cherish the people in your church who serve, give and dedicate their lives to make a difference for Jesus. Clyde and Carol, you are a blessing and we love you!


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