Are You Smarter Than My Pre Schooler?

My daughter (who is 4) had to answer some questions about West Virginia in her class to earn that snazzy WV pin you see in this picture. She nailed it.

If you’re a WV native see how many you know too! (answers below)

1. What state do we live in?
2. Who was one of the first settlers?
3. What is the state fish?
4. What is the state bird?
5. What is the state capitol?
6. What is the state flower?
7. What county do we live in?
8. What is the highest point in WV?

Answers: 1-West Virginia, 2-Morgan Morgan, 3-Brooke Trout, 4-Cardinal, 5-Charleston, 6-Rhododendron, 7-Cabell, 8-Spruce Knob

You should have had NO trouble with question 1! I know that question 7 is a little specific to our home, but other than that how’d you do?

Bonus: Do you know the actual elevation in feet of Spruce Knob? Don’t cheat and google it! 🙂


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