Walk-Ins Welcome

I’m a guy that guards my time. Time = life. I want to make sure that my life is spent maximizing the time that God has blessed me with. With that said, I’ve had more unexpected walk-in appointments and phone calls in the past month than I have had in the previous 6 months. I try to protect my schedule to stay as efficient as possible and keep deadlines. Each time I received a call, or someone walked into the office asking for help, God literally spoke to my heart to give them however much time they needed. I’m so glad that I was sensitive enough to allow God to work through me in spite of my selfish tendency to stick to the schedule.

Sometimes you need to scrap the stupid schedule. Especially when it involves sharing the Love of God. Nothing is more important than that.

The issues that were shared with me covered life and death situations, marriage issues, lawsuits, personal addictions, spiritual advice, to wisdom for direction and prayer for family. I could go on. Honestly, what surprised me the most wasn’t the severity of the problems I heard, it was that most of the people who called/walked in, I had never seen before in my life. People were so desperate for genuine care that they were willing to share their deepest issues to a complete stranger. They really needed help.

A few things really stick out to me.

  • People are really hurting.
  • Their pain is real.
  • They don’t know what to do.
  • Life is NOT getting easier.
  • People are looking for something genuine and real.
  • Trusted friends are few and far between.
  • God divinely led them to New Life Church.
  • God really does love people.
  • We can’t turn them away.
  • That’s why I’m (we’re) here.

One person shared that they had called a couple different churches in the area that didn’t even bother to call them back. After two weeks (TWO WEEKS!) they finally contacted New Life Church. Wow. Isn’t this why the church exists? This is our purpose! Read Luke 4! We are here to bring healing, help, and love. Life hurts, God heals.

From telephone conversations in Walmart while I shop, to extended 3-4 hour session just listening to someone spill their guts, the past month has been spent in extreme ministry. I’m thankful that God has worked in and through me to share how much He loves and cares for people.

You don’t need to look real hard to find hurting people, in fact it’s very likely that they’ll find you first. When they do, be ready.


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