What do you do when things go Bananas? I’m talking about serious bonkers type stuff. Like unexpected increase in monthly bills due immediately for over $200 a month (which just happened to me). Or freak accidents that occur and cause major expensive damage. Or someone you love and you thought had your back betrays you. Or you get thrown a major curve ball with your job and your stress shoots to the moon?

I read a quote that said (and I’ll paraphrase), “All sunshine and no rain results in a desert.” Meaning that the one thing you can count on is unexpected life craziness to happen. It can’t all be good. Some rain has to fall. You can’t avoid it. Believe me I try.

The real question is, How do you handle it? When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, (who by the way was actually closer to 30-35 years old at that time), that had to seem bonkers! Why would God do that? Any takers on answering this?

Nobody? Anybody?

Well then here’s mine. It was a test. God was testing Abrahams heart. That’s also what He’s doing with you. It’s a test. Do you really trust God? Let me clear something up real quick. It’s not trust if you’re complaining, gossiping, obsessing, blaming, etc. If you catch yourself falling into those patterns then stop! Get out quick!

Constantly check and evaluate your heart by offering it to God. Renew your commitment to God every day. In this time we live in, with the craziness that potentially surrounds us, the wise move is to completely trust God.

Trust me on this one. 😉

Read Proverbs 3:5-12 out loud. Do it! Do it again!


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