I was out on a date with my wife Megan. As we were driving down the road towards our destination, we struck up a conversation about boundaries. More specifically how God uses boundaries to help keep us headed in the right direction. We started talking about the importance of God in our lives and how Gods Word helps to keep us spiritually alert when we start to turn in the wrong direction.

Imagine if you are headed down a road. This road represents your spiritual journey. This road also has markings similar to the white lines you would see on city highways. These lines clearly define the space you need to stay within in order to safely travel. These lines aren’t guardrails. They don’t actually enforce you to stay inside, but they serve the purpose to make you aware.

The Holy Spirit consciousness is the boundary I’m specifically referring to. When you start to compromise your spiritual awareness, these boundaries tend to get blurry. Blurry lines lead to possibly making a wrong turn, or even drifting out of your lane. The real life snapshot of this ends up looking like a struggling marriage relationship, unfaithfulness, self centeredness, a lack of generosity, pride. It gets ugly fast.

Two things are important to keep your relationship with God fresh and keep the boundaries in your life clear. Read your Bible and Pray everyday. I’m serious. Those two simple things that we almost all universally believe to be necessary, but rarely follow through. We tend to overlook the basics, because it seems too easy. Keep it simple. Spend time with God. Cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Pray. I’m thankful for boundaries.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (NIV)
Proverbs 4:23


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