6 Steps To Stay Focused

We had a leadership meeting with our core leadership team at New Life Church. Along with some exciting new vision developments, we also spent a lot of time focusing on staying focused. It takes focus to stay focused! I want to share the six steps we discussed to stay focused on your assignment.

  1. Don’t allow disappointment to bring discontentment. Not everything you do is going to work out perfectly. The goal is never perfection. The goal is always life transformation. If you allow disappointment to creep in, it slowly evolves into disrespecting what God has called you to do.
  2. Don’t allow your ministry to become ordinary. It’s ALWAYS a privilege to serve Christ and Jesus deserves our BEST every day. 90% is still 10% too short. Give God your best, He gave us His.
  3. Keep your eyes focused on what God has called you to do. Don’t wander off looking for something new that is outside of what God has gifted you, assigned you and called you to do. Remember, it’s not faith unless God has first SPOKEN to you to step out. Do what you’ve been assigned and do it in a way that brings God Glory.
  4. Make sure your service TO Christ flows from your relationship WITH Christ. Everything needs to flow from your relationship with the Holy Spirit. That inspiration is key to building God’s Kingdom. Without it you’ll work twice as hard for half or less the results.
  5. Check yourself first! If you don’t like the attitude you’re seeing from your team, then you need to take a good long look in the mirror. Everything flows through you. You’re the filter. Your team will develop their identity through your leadership, your encouragement and your attitude.
  6. You can only give to others what is real to you. If it’s important to you, then you’ll care enough to recruit, to train, to serve, to sacrifice and to share. Go ALL IN with what God has given you to do.

Leaders are there to be a part of the solution, not to point out all of the problems. Make sure that you’re focused on what God has called you to do as well as what the Pastor has assigned you to do.







One thought on “6 Steps To Stay Focused

  1. Thanks Josh,
    I’m always encouraged after hearing Words of Wisdom from You. I’m am so blessed to know you!

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