Wear & Tear

I was coaching my sons Upward basketball team tonight and I started to notice that our church gym isn’t in the best shape. The building is getting older now and the cracks, bumps and scratches are getting pretty noticeable. Now its nothing major, but seeing these flaws triggered this instant critical-I’ve-got-to-fix-it-now impulse inside of me. The flaws were all I could see. This was bothering me.

There’s a theory called “the wear and tear theory” introduced by a German scientist in the late 1800’s that basically states that the overuse and abuse of the human body will result in a more rapid health decline. Add a couple harmful toxins from substance or drug abuse and well, you’ve got a fast pass for a toe tag.

I started thinking. With just normal everyday living, your body still ages. That aging process can’t be avoided no matter what we cover up, nip, tuck, lift or pinch. Aging is a part of life. It’s proof of the journey. Proof of the experiences. You can’t hide it. We try. If you live this life your body is going to show it. Wear and tear is a sign of life.

Back to the gym. So as I’m staring at all of these flaws that are now driving me b-a-n-a-n-a-s, God spoke to me. In my heart I heard God say “Josh, don’t worry about the flaws, it’s just a sign of life in this ministry.” Instantly I was reminded of the countless youth services where I experienced teenagers pouring their hearts out to God. I remembered praying for so many students who were seeking Gods plan for their lives. I remembered the hundreds of young lives that were transformed by Jesus Christ. I remembered hearing the voices of the students calling out to Christ in that building. I remembered the many newlyweds who had celebrated their brand New life together there with friends and family (including my own). So much ministry, so much life change had taken place in that building and still continues to this day. I began to appreciate the flaws.

Healthy things grow. That growth is the result of time, sacrifice, work and experience which always result in wear and tear. That wear and tear is a sign of life. I’m thankful for the wear and tear.

Just a thought. Anyone up to help paint a gym? 😉


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