I was just thinking about the word “unfiltered.” When you really break this word down it can be a scary/intimidating word. Unfiltered means everything goes. Back in the day (way back) when I watched WWF they had a name for this. They called it “hardcore.” Anything goes. Trash cans (made out of aluminum foil), ladders, chains, tables, random wrestler that pops out with a clutch chair-to-head smash. It was anything goes for that one match. (I’m thinking Mick Foley vs. Edge).

I believe that if we sincerely want to grow this year, “unfiltered” needs to be the process. We all have “something” that needs improved. The question is will you be honest enough to allow God access. If it’s something you can’t talk about it, or if it’s something that is off the table, then how can you really improve it?

Unfiltered is key.

God already knows, He’s waiting on you to let Him in.

Psalm 139


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